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 “Angel," Oil on canvas, 90 x 70 cm, 2023. Learn more about Oda in this video and see more of her work in this video.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1979, Oda Jaune studied at the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Arts. Currently based in London, after 10 years in Paris, the artist has moved away from the German tradition to develop a tormented universe full of poetry. Intermingling tender, naïve, violent, sometimes erotic, and funny visions, she explores an unconscious liberated from convention. Nourished by poetry, film, and media culture as much as art history, Oda Jaune's strange universe focuses on “everything that should not be said about the intimate and the social world”. Her paintings untangle and place the viewer in a position of abandonment without inhibitions.

Focused on details and proportions, she operates by juxtaposing elements – a principle that imposes itself in her visual narrative – using a precision borrowed from photorealism. Emotions and feelings emerge from the depths of the subconscious and materialize on the flat surface of the canvas. The spectator enters into the fairy-tale world of fantasy, only to find himself submerged in a vortex of emotions between love and eroticism, fear, and pain.